Re-Certification DABT 2019

Dear Experts,

This year I am already re-certifying my DABT for the first time.
Anyone else who is taking the recertification test this year ?

Best regards, Elizabeth

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  1. Grace Furman
    Grace Furman says:

    I’m recert’ing this year too, Elizabeth (I’m class of 2000). This current recert process is new to me. Since I’m class of 2000, I’ve experienced a couple of types of recertification processes including the 150-question open-book exam, writing questions for upcoming ABT exams, and now this new literature review approach. I haven’t looked at the literature options yet, though. We still have a while until our submissions are due (July 8th).

    Grace M. Furman, PhD DABT

    President & CEO

    Paracelsus, Inc.


    Phone: (760) 271-2858


  2. Edward Sargent
    Edward Sargent says:

    I am supposed to recertify for the 10th time. I am thinking about not recertifying. Anyone want to add some thoughts?

  3. Veronique Lauriault
    Veronique Lauriault says:

    I recertified last year – it was in general easy – I didn’t really think about it.

  4. Alan Katz
    Alan Katz says:


    I’m also recertifying this year (I was in the original class of 1980). The lit revw is new to me, too. Haven’t started that yet.

  5. Elizabeth neyens
    Elizabeth neyens says:

    I looked as well into the process and it ‘seems’ feasible: we only need to select 2 papers and answer the 5 questions for each paper. I am thinking to read 1) precision medicine and the 2) caffeine Tox. Review. Let’s keep in touch: Ed, I would just do it.

  6. Grace Furman
    Grace Furman says:

    I would agree with Elizabeth, Ed. If you intend to continue consulting, it’s probably worth the effort to keep those 4 letters after your name. If you’re looking to retire from consulting, though, you could still keep the letters after your name, but you’d need to stipulate your first and last years of certification, such as “ John Doe, DABT 1980-2019”.

    Grace M. Furman, PhD DABT

    President & CEO

    Paracelsus, Inc.


    Phone: (760) 271-2858


  7. Shayne Gad
    Shayne Gad says:

    Ed; Class of 81, I have a tear before this comes up. But like Ed, I am not sure that I will be doing it.
    And they could change again in another year.

  8. Barbara Vogt
    Barbara Vogt says:

    I recertified last year using the new format, and I was pleasantly surprised with how reasonable it was. I enjoyed reading the papers and answering very appropriate questions about the topics. I whole-heartedly recommend recertifying.


  9. Susan A. Rice
    Susan A. Rice says:

    I am recertifying this year (class of 1990). The questions for the articles to review seem fairly straight forward – finished the first 2, but will re-read before submitting.

    Susan Rice

  10. Shayne Gad
    Shayne Gad says:

    I should clarify that 1) at this point I am not sure if continued certification would make a difference in my practice, BUT the bigger question is will I still be in practice when the dropping of certification would take effect two years out from now – I will be ~ 73 then, and not sure as to health status at that point.

    Dcision in a year.

  11. Ronald Gerson
    Ronald Gerson says:

    Like Ed I’m not sure I’ll recertify. I’m from the class of ’86 and this would be my 7th recertification. Unlike prior years I haven’t been updating my continuing education table on line. Fortunately, I won’t have to deal with the application until next year. Guess I’ll decide when its time.

  12. Jane Allen
    Jane Allen says:

    I made the decision not to recertify as I continue to decrease my workload and to accept only relatively short-term assignments.

    I have been certified for 35 years, and have in the past couple of years restricted my practice mostly to genetox, writing/reviewing submissions, due diligence, and impurities. Majority of my clients are repeat clients.  In anticipation of doing less work in the future, I decided not to bother with recertification.  So I will just list D.A.B.T. 1984-2019 next year.

    If I were keeping a higher level of consulting activity, I might ask my current clients if current D.A.B.T. is a requirement to do work for them.

  13. Chuck Schwartz
    Chuck Schwartz says:

    I recertified 2 years ago (Class of ’88, when we had a fire in the hotel in DC in the middle of the exam!) using the new process.  Relatively easy and straightforward questions. Not quite on the level of “What color is the green car?”, but not much more difficult than that, if you read the papers. Don’t let fear of the “test” influence whether you recertify or not.  The worst part of the process was documenting continuing education and involvement, and paying the fee, of course.Chuck Schwartz, Ph.D., DABT

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