Leanne Bedard
Educational Degrees
DABT - Diplomate American Board of Toxicology
MSc in Chemistry, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON Canada
PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada
Certified in Regulatory Affairs (RAC)
Drug/Pharmaceutical Development, In Vitro Toxicology, Pharmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics, Regulatory Toxicology, Risk Assessment
Scientific strategy to solve ADME-Tox issues in drug discovery
Optimization of drug candidates for key ADME-PK properties, for both oral and inhaled delivery
Optimal study design and experimental protocol generation for in vitro and in vivo ADME-PK assays
Prediction of human PK parameters and integration of preclinical efficacy (PD), safety and PK data to estimate efficacious dose-to-man
Prediction of drug-drug interaction potential
Study monitoring of outsourced ADME-PK assays
PK and TK data analysis and interpretation
Expert opinion regarding the relevance and significance of findings in nonclinical toxicology studies to human safety
Qualification of drug impurities and intermediates
Review of nonclinical PK and toxicology study reports for regulatory submissions
Writing and/or reviewing nonclinical PK and toxicology summaries for regulatory submissions
Drug discovery experience in several therapeutic areas, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, infectious diseases (HIV, HCV), chronic pain and oncology.
Work experience in 2 large pharmaceutical companies: DMPK Drug Design Leader, AstraZeneca R&D Montreal - Senior Research Chemist, Preclinical Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research.
Recipient of a Merck Frosst Discovery and Preclinical Sciences Special Achievement Award for significant contribution to the discovery of a clinical candidate currently in Phase 2b for the treatment of HIV-1.
Councilor for Industry, Board of Directors of the Society of Toxicology of Canada (2009-2012).  
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Queen's University (2007-present).  
Councilor, Drug Discovery Toxicology Specialty Section, Society of Toxicology (2014-present).
Expert Scientific Advisor to TPD, Health Canada (2012-present).
Bedard ADME-Tox Solutions
Zip Code
H9J 1N2