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Membership Elsie Database

Hello Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone of you has access (paid) to the Elsie Database.
I am looking into a chemical CAS which is listed in their catalogue. Thanks a lot in advance.
Best, Elizabeth...


Use of laboratory animals in Preclinical R&D

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for numbers, charts & financial previsions related to the use of laboratory animals in preclinical industry. The ratio of rodents versus large animals; predictions for future etc. I do remember I have seen such a presentation in the past, but can't remember anymore his author ? Do we access to these specific data through our professional societies ? Any suggestions are welcome.

Best, Elizabeth...


Extractable & Leachable

Dear RTC experts,

Has any of you in depth knowledge how to interpret positive signals from LC-MS (ESI/APCI) ? I am able to track the red flags of an extractable study, identify-characterise the chemicals, conduct a preliminary risk assessment. But as the responses of the LC-MS/ESI + are not expressed in standard units (ug), just wondering the decision tree or how to set up (yes/no) a leachable study for these chemicals (non-genotoxic) or maybe I could work/rely on TTC levels ? Anyone has experience with SGS - seems to me a state of art laboratory, right ? (please be kind with your comments !)

Thanks, Elizabeth


Free Webinar Digital Toxicological Pathology 2nd June

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are all healthy and safe !

Feel free to join the Free Digital Pathology Webinar tomorrow - I will be talking about Implementing TeleToxicological Pathology within a consultancy setting.

By: International Academy of Toxicological Pathologists
2nd June. Registration through the following link of the IATP website - continued eduction & courses

Thank you all ! and keep safe. Elizabeth