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Transgenic mice (rasH2) inhalation carcinogenicity study

Hello all

Is anyone aware of an inhalation carcinogenicity study(ies) for drugs with this strain of mice? There are numerous publications by other ROAs, but do not find any inhalation studies. Pritchard et al. (2003) and others report on inhalation with chemicals, cigarette smoke, but not drugs. Thanks in advance. ...


Kidney Lecture for ACT Course

As many know, Mary Beth Genter and I coordinate the ACT's Advanced Comprehensive Toxicology course. The course has been given each year for the last 7 years in early August. Take a look at the ACT website: https://www.actox.org/meetCourses/eduCourses.asp.
This year, we need someone to give a lecture on kidney toxicology. The speaker should be DABT, but not an absolute requirement.
If you or another has expertise in kidney toxicology and would be interested in this educational opportunity, pls send me a private email so that we can talk further about the course and the lecture.
Thanks in advance and look forward to a response. ...


Pharmaron and GLP Chinese Inspection

Dear all

Has anyone heard/know of an issue at Pharmaron?

I am told (a reliable source) that Pharmaron received a notice in September from the Chinese Authority that they had some issues with GLP compliance. The lab did not pass the inspection. The exact cause(s) of the failure was not disclosed. Pharmaron will submit a response to the notice before mid-February. Until the response is submitted and approved, the lab cannot start any GLP studies. They may not be able to start studies for a few months. Also, it was suggested not doing non-GLP studies until the issues are resolved. ...


Hyperplasia Non-glandular Stomach – Rat

Hello all

I was given a 28 day oral tox study in rats to review. At histopathology, there was a dose-related increased incidence and severity of hyperplasia in the non-glandular stomach of rats (males being affected more so than females). After 4 weeks of recovery, this finding had not completely resolved at all doses, and was observed in most recovery animals of the high dose. Body weights were reduced by >10% at all doses with no apparent effect on FC. Increased WBC and granulocytes were observed. The study director is indicating that the high dose is a NOAEL. I am not convinced.

A brief review of the literature suggests that this may be an adverse response.

Comments welcomed and appreciated. ...


SEND files for ototoxicity studies

Dear all:

I just completed an ototoxicity study. In this study, there were hair cell counts, histopathology, ear exam and ABR data. BWs were collected only a couple of times – study start and sacrifice. This was a non-GLP rangefinding study.

I am not sure if this study requires (or could) SEND files. Not sure the domains are established for such studies. Any thoughts?


iTune Gift Card Scam

All, I got a message from a RTC member asking me to obtain 4 $100 gift cards for him. I recognized the email address of the RTC member and considered the request rather weird but reasonable since I have known this member for decades. I was specifically asked to take a picture of the back of the card showing the PIN and send him that picture. On discussing this with Kathy (wife) she smelled a scam, looked into it and found that indeed it was a scam. Some how the hacker got the RTC member's email address and sent it to me. Why it was sent to me, I have no idea. As our email addresses are "out there" be careful with this one. Just another scam to be concerned about. ...


Study Director position at CRL Ashland; Consulting toxicologist Foods

Dear all I got a note from Norbert Makori (Wil Lab…sorry, CRL Ashland) that they are trying to fill an entry level position in general tox.  If you happen to know someone, have them contact Norbert directly.  Thanks in advance. Email: Norbert.Makori@crl.com Separately, another consulting group is looking for a toxicologist (DABT preferred) that has 5-10 years of experience.  The preferred experience is in foods, GRAS, additives, etc.  Again, know anyone have them contact George Burdock (GBurdock@BurdockGroup.com).   William J. Brock, Ph.D., DABT, Fellow ATSBrock Scientific Consulting, LLCOffice: 301-519-3666Mobile: 301-706-9736 


Transgenic mouse carcinogenicity

Hello all I may need to do a 6 month carc study in Tg.rasH2 mice.  The only game in town seems to be Covance or CRL now given the absorption of different CROs by CRL and Covance.  Bioreliance used to do the studies but all of that got transferred to MPI…oh, CRL.   Is anyone aware of another lab that does this study?  I am looking into options at the moment.  Thanks in advance.   William J. Brock, Ph.D., DABT, Fellow ATSBrock Scientific Consulting, LLCOffice: 301-519-3666Mobile: 301-706-9736 


Voting for ACT

Dear RTC colleagues
I have the honor of being nominated for the Vice President and the presidential chain for the ACT.
Our profession is being challenged because of the pandemic that has led to cancelled meetings requiring new ways of bringing people together through virtual meetings and educational courses. In addition, the field continues to be challenged to ensure the next generation of toxicologists are mentored and are given opportunities to participate in our professional societies and activities.
I ask you to support my nomination to ACT so that these and other challenges are met head-on to the benefit of toxicological sciences and the ACT. Thank you for your vote and support.


Background Check and Drug Screen

Hello all: We have all undergone a background check and drug screen as a new employee. Not unusual. Now, I have been requested to have these done for a new client. The client is a rather large corporation. Currently, I am pushing back on this particularly the drug screen given the pandemic. In the years doing consulting, this is a first. I wonder whether anyone has been requested to undergo a drug screen and background check for a new consulting project. Thanks. ...