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Pathologist recommendation – osteoarthritis model


How are you doing? I hope 2021 is treating you well so far.

Hello everyone:

I have a client that has a new treatment for osteoarthritis. Initial studies show that it has very good efficacy in the monoiodoacetate model of osteoarthritis in rats. This is a serendipitous discovery and so they are unsure of the mechanism of action. They are therefore looking for a pathologist to take a look at the histopathology of the knee with hope of maybe understanding the MOA.

Can anyone recommend a pathologist that could help?



American Preclinical Services, MN

Hello all:

Does anyone have any experience or opinions on American Preclinical Services in MN? I have a client that wants to use them for GLP studies for a medical device, but I have had no experience with them. Honestly I had note heard of them before the client asked.

Thanks in advance for any help